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Why you should get your 5-10 a's easy really!

One of the most common things I hear from people is regarding the seemingly impossible task of consuming their 5-10 Fruit 🍏🍌🍊 and Veg 🥦🥔🥕 a day. If you can get 4-6 veg and 2-3 fruit daily be proud, you are being kind to yourself!
I get that, it sounds like a lot but if you look at the pictures attached, you'll see how small a serving can be.
First though I want to start with the most basic and indisputable facts around the benefits of eating your greens, various veg, and of course delicious fruits.
🥦 Vegetables are:
- High in antioxidants that help mop of free radicals that can cause damage and increase the rate at which we age along with certain disease risks.
- High in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C & K, folate, and carotenoids.
- High in fibre which helps with digestion, removal of excess estrogen, and keeps you feeling fuller longer which can lead to weight loss in some people.
- Low in natural sugars, sodium and fat.
- Be mindful of over eating starchy veg like potatoes, corn and peas though, these can tend to be higher in natural sugars and may lead to weight gain if they are your only primary source.
- Last but certainly far from least is veg like broccoli, cabbage, kale, bright veg like peppers and dark leafy greens all have been shown to decrease the risk of Type 2 Diabetes in part due to fibre and improved insulin resistance.
🍏 Fruits are:
- Like their partners in health vegetables are high in vitamins like C, potassium, folate, antioxidants and fibre (which can also be beneficial in reducing cholesterol).
- High water and fibre content can again keep you feeling fuller longer and keep you hydrated if you're not the type to hit the water bottle every 15 minutes.
- They are beneficial in disease prevention which grapes, apples, and blueberries being linked to reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes.
- Healthy alternative to many processed snacks and while they may contain natural sugars these aren't any reason to fear, shun or avoid getting you 3 servings a day.
Please use the great pictures compliments of for your reference to portion sizes and if you have any questions please feel free to send me a message!

Why you should get your 5-10 a's easy really!
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