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Aloe Vera...The plant that does it all!

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Aloe Vera is many things for many people and even pets. If you thought it just healed cuts, helped with digestion and soothed skin, think again...this plant has a plethora of healing properties for you both inside and out.

- A natural Antibiotic used to heal cuts due to a long list of unique substances. The most notably studied substance is a phytonutrient called Acemannan. It has been approved by both the FDA and Vets to treat mouth ulcers, help heal wounds after oral surgery, and oddly enough treat feline leukemia that is caused by a retrovirus.

- Stay with me it does more interesting things too...It is Antifungal and has been shown to help inhibit the fungus Candida Albicans (responsible for yeast infections). It is commonly used in soaps, lotions, and scrubs for it's Antibacterial properties, meaning it helps to stave off a multitude of bacteria you may not want sharing your personal space.

- It is Anti-Inflammatory and is most notably used to treat burns. Due to this property but it can also have great benefits for the digestive tract as well because of this. It can be used to help calm IBS symptoms (note not to be taken if you have Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis), as well as potentially inhibiting the growth of H.pylori bacteria in your gut.

- It can help improve oral health by using an Aloe Vera toothpaste (I personally use AloeDent and love it).

- It can greatly reduce the inflammation associated with Acne. Help lessen the chance of scarring when used topically and when taken internally may help to promote gut health which in many ways can be associated with the health of your skin. Poor digestion or inflammation in the gut lining can lead to poor nutrient absorption and this often reflects in the skin, immune function and even in our moods.

- So can you use Aloe Vera safely and effectively on your own, yes and for many things. However if you are going to take it internally I would strongly advise checking with your GP first just to be on the safe side...Now go get a plant, grow it and love it, use it as needed and enjoy

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